The horror of Haukimaa

In 2016 I spent six months in the north east of Sweden, an area popularly known as Swedish Lapland. The purpose of my stay was to conduct research for what would eventually become Death in Lapland: funeral rites, Christianity and mythologies 1840-2010, Bristol University Press, 2022. During my time there I came across stories about Haukimaa, a large heath some 20 km south east of the centre of Kiruna. Due to the topic and nature of these stories, I have not included them in my work nor explored them in any professional context. However, I have not been able to let go of Haukimaa or the people who shared their experiences of Haukimaa with me. Therefore I have taken to WordPress to share Haukimaa with the world. In the audio recording below I share what I know. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any information on Haukimaa.

Snälla, ta kontakt om du har någon som helst information om Haukimaa.

Original story: Erik Kuoksu
Translation and adaptation: Charissa Martinkauppi
Narration: Louis J Rhone
Sound design: Andy Jenks and Abhirup Obi Mukhopadhyay
Photography: Eva-Britt Tjärnqvist
Recorded at Christchurch Studios, Bristol

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